Diorama of Back To The Future Part III Scene where Doc takes the 1955 modified Delorean to the drive-in to send Marty to 1885. I chose this particular scene because it was colorful and just fun to do. Also, since this was the last diorama that I made in this collection, I noticed somethings. My two previous Back To The Future models were both done a a pivotal moment in the film (ie: Departure or Arrival of the Delorean) So that helped me decide on this scene to reproduce. It was great fun researching this scene and the old movie posters. Watching the scene over and over on BluRay, pausing and getting screen grabs was a huge help. Hopefully the true BTTF fans will notice the small touches!

Scale: 1:43 • Size: 9″ L x 4.38″ W x 4.13"D
Please note that this item will not be reproduced once sold. However you can request your own custom diorama here.