Back to the Future Netflix Series 2020

A few months ago I had this idea. Everyone knows that Back to the Future 4 will never happen. And I’m on board with that. I’m a hard core fan that feels the trilogy should not be touched..ever. However! …What if..and here is my idea.

A series, not a movie, about a father who is a scientist or engineer and his son who find a Delorean. Where?, pick from any location it was left in California in the movies, I’ll let the fans argue that one out.

So they find a Delorean, not knowing it’s a time machine. The dad spends days trying to figure it out, when suddenly on a test drive he hits 88 miles per hour and boom! He’s in another time. The series would go on from there. The possibilities are endless and I think It gives everyone what they want. The Delorean is back and not changed into some random car (ehum..Tesla). The fun time travel world is back, but Marty and Doc and Biff and all that good stuff remains untouched!

When I made this poster and posted it on my Instagram it was just for fun. It was instantly reposted by tons of accounts. Many didn’t understand it was fake as it was reposted mostly without credit to me and without explanation of my story. At the moment I was a little upset at how it went viral and I was getting hate message from fans that didn’t know the meaning of it, thinking it was a prank. Due to that I had deleted it from my account. Plus, posters is not what my account is about, it’s about my miniature work. I was even interviewed on RentaDelorean about it. Read that here. Anyways, hopefully for anyone looking for the real story behind this poster, here it is! Oh and see below also for a video of how I made the poster. Enjoy!

bttf4 copy.jpg

Here is how I made it!

David Miniatures