Q: Where can I see how you make these?
A: I often post progress photos on my Instagram @DavidMiniatures and I answer any questions regarding my process.

Q: Can I buy a miniature you’ve already made or can you make another one for me?
A: The simple answer is No. All my miniatures are 1/1 and I never duplicate my own work.

Q: Whats your process for creating miniatures?
A: The first step is always research, many of hours of research. Since I mostly recreate scenes from movies, this means tons of screen shots and deep internet searches to find behind the scenes photos. After that I usually look at what the hardest part of the build will be. Based on that I choose the scale I will build in and from there I go to the third step which is creating digital blueprints. Final step is starting the build and I don’t stop till it’s perfect.

Q: What are your miniatures made of?
A: Seeing as I ship these all over the world I try and make them very sturdy. I use wood and MDF as much as possible. Different types of plastics and dense card boards. I use many different types of paints and weathering powders and tons of glue!

Q: Do you only do Back to the Future and Ghostbusters?
A: No, not at all, those are just my most popular project subjects.

Q: Do you only do miniatures form movies and TV?
A: Nope! I have made custom miniatures of peoples homes, businesses and for custom gifts.

Q: What scale do you work in?
A: I work in all the most popular scales. 1:87, 1:43, 1:12, 1:15, 1:16, 1:18, 1:24, 1:6 and 1:8. I sometimes work in custom, non-standard scales. I usually will choose the scale based on what is best for the subject.

Q: Did Bob Gale really comment on your Back to the Future Dioramas?
A: Yes! I got a personal message from Bob Gale in 2014 congratulating me on my work. He told me that he shared the images with Robert Zemeckis and Steven Spielberg and gave me a nice quote to use on my website! It was a great highlight and accomplishment for me. I have also created miniatures for The Micheal J. Fox foundation and Claudia Wells, who played “Jennifer Parker” in Back to the Future Part I.

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