Common Questions

Q: How much do your dioramas cost?
A: All dioramas are custom and therefore cannot have a set price. I do not charge hourly and I can work within your budget if it is reasonable. As an example most of my dioramas are between 500$ USD & 1500$ USD.

Q: Can I buy a diorama you already made or can you make another one for me?
A: The simple answer is No. I guarantee all my customers a unique piece, something no other collector in the world has. All my diorama come with a certificate of authenticity and are numbered 1/1.

Q: Do you ship internationally?
A: Yes! I ship all over the world. Please keep in mind that you are responsible to pay shipping.

Q: Do you only do back to the Future and Ghostbusters?
A: No, not at all, those are just my most popular franchises.

Q: Do you only do dioramas form movies and TV?
A: Nope! I have made custom dioramas of peoples homes, professions and for gifts.

Q: What scale do you work in?
A: I work in all the most popular scales. 1:87, 1:43, 1:12, 1:15, 1:16, 1:18, 1:24, 1:6 and 1:8.

Q: Did Bob Gale really comment on your back to the Future Dioramas?
A: Yes! I got a personal email from Bob Gale in 2015 congratulating me on my work. He told me that he shared the images with Robert Zemeckis and Steven Spielberg and gave me a nice quote to use on my website! it was a great highlight and accomplishment for me.


I’m ready to order, how does it all work?

Here are the steps once you are ready to order.

  1. Fill out this form to contact David and give him an idea of what you want.

  2. Once your project is discussed with David you will receive a blueprint quote from David which details your diorama and the cost.

  3. Once you approve your quote, you must pay 50% via PayPal.

  4. As the project starts you will get exclusive “making of photos and videos” during the entire process. These are usually send via social media privately. (These images cannot be shared)

  5. Once the project is complete you will get final photos and videos. You will also get an instructional video on how to assemble your diorama if it requires assembly.

  6. You will pay final 50% balance.

  7. Your item will be shipped with tracking and insurance.

  8. You will get a PayPal request to pay for the shipping and handling. We do not up-charge on this and a scan of the shipping recipient is sent to you.

  9. You receive your diorama and enjoy it! Please feel free to post photos of it on social media and don’t forget to tag David Miniatures on facebook and @davidminiatures on instagram.